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Trepanning is the medical procedure of drilling a hole in the head. In the middle ages, surgeons often trepanned the sick and the insane to let the devils out. These days, trepanation is performed only occasionally by medical doctors, to relieve pressure in the skull. In the medical tradition of self-experimentation, Bart Huges (the founder of the New World Trepanation) sought to prove his theory by having himself trepanned. Unable to find a surgeon who would perform the operation, Huges decided he had better do it himself. After his first plan failed because his friends removed his tools, Huges kept his second plan to himself. This time he was successful: he drilled a hole in his own skull. Huges claimed that the procedure took forty-five minutes and caused no pain. Afterwards, he claimed to feel "as I felt before the age of fourteen." He removed his bandage at a "happening," and a week later gave a press conference to announce the success of his operation -- and his theories. But the psychiatrists were convinced only that Huges had flipped his lid, and had him committed to an asylum for observation.

Many people who do this trepanning later claim to have alien contacts and join the RAEL movement. The RAEL movement are people who are building a neutral place or place of peace for the coming of the ALIENS at the turn of the century. FIND out more about the RAEL movement.

This is Bart Huges the founder of the New Trepanning World in 1962.

Amanda Fielding did her TREPANNING HERSELF!! Read more about her here.

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