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Ever been lost in thought for more than a few seconds....?

Ever wondered where you got to a place but never remembered....?

Ever felt like you're being watched.....?

Find out why.. here in AREA 51---ABDUCTIONS

Alien abductions, which are sometimes referred to as "close encounters of the fourth kind," form an additional category of incidents. Here witnesses or victims claim they had very close contact with, or were abducted by aliens. A significant number of abduction stories start not with a UFO on a roadside, but with the victim at home in bed. A common theme is waking to find several aliens standing at the foot of the bed. They may enter the room by walking through walls and the victim is paralyzed by some mysterious force. Carried to the UFO they are examined, poked and prodded. Later they are returned to their bedrooms and upon waking only a hazy memory of the nights events remain, though the victim may have unexplained bruises or marks.

Day after day, the waves of UFOs return to the EARTH. They take healthy individuals from our species and conduct hideous EXPERIMENTS on them. Our people are being tortured and used as guinea pigs to these merciless BEINGS....Why aren't they BEING STOPPED??? Help us stop these creatures from overtaking the earth and learn more about these ALIEN creatures.

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